Sunday, April 20, 2014


 “I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn over what is going to happen to me, 
but the world will rejoice. You will grieve, but your grief will suddenly turn to wonderful joy."  
John 16:20

It’s Easter morning and still dark outside.  I couldn’t sleep and got tired of trying.  Sitting in my chair with a cup of coffee, the word that comes to mind is: serendipitous.   Not a word I am used to using, I decided to look it up.  It means to discover by chance in a happy way.  I can’t help but think of Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James, after Jesus crucifixion.  The Bible says that they too were up early on that very first Easter morning.  Still dark out, they went to visit the tomb where Joseph had placed Jesus.  They had been there.  After being by Jesus side during the crucifixion, and witnessing the horror of their loved one's death, they had followed Joseph who wrapped the body in linen and placed it in a tomb.  A large rock had been rolled in front of the entrance.  I cant imagine the grief they must of have felt or the fatigue that surely had set in.  Yet, there they were, up early and eager to go to the tomb to be as near Jesus body as they could.

But, nothing could have prepared them for what happened next!  Matthew 28:2 says, Suddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled aside the stone, and sat on it.”   Can you even imagine?  Expecting to face a long hard day filled with sadness and grief, the two Mary’s instead witness a demonstration of God’s power accompanied by the appearance of an angel!  That’s Serendipitous! 

Maybe today, you need God to “shake” things up in your life and add a little serendipity while he’s at it!  I know I do.  Last week I was pretty down.  We received confirmation that a family member has a terminal illness and has little time left to live.  My grief was compounded by the fact that this relationship is fractured and has been for a long time. This week I resolved in my heart to let it go. It’s a complex situation that will take a miracle to end well.  

Are you facing the end of something difficult?  A job, a relationship, a ministry, a dream, or desire you had?  When Jesus died, it appeared to his disciples that everything they had hoped for also died.   And yet, what the two Mary’s are about to discover, is what they thought was the end, was in fact, just the beginning!   

With the large stone rolled away from the entrance to the tomb,the two women ventured inside.  And what did they find?  Not Jesus!  The Bible says they “were puzzled”.  I guess so!!!  Who wouldn’t be?  But, the angel said to them,   “Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Remember what he told you back in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be betrayed into the hands of sinful men and be crucified, and that he would rise again on the third day. Then they remembered that he had said this.  (Luke 24:6-9)  

Yesterday, I was just going about my day, when I remembered a promise God gave me many years ago. And yet, everything about my current circumstances would say, "Sistah, you got that one wrong".  You know what I mean?  I don't always hear God right. But, this morning, as I am studying this passage, I sense God's spirit telling me to "Be still and know I am God."  

Time will tell I guess.  How about you?  Are you willing to let some time go by before you give up on God's promise?  Can you let the vision of what you thought was going to happen die, and wait to see how God is going to resurrect it?  Maybe it will be when you least expect it?  Serendipitously!

Mary and Mary were both surprised and elated that Jesus was alive.  The Bible says that "they rushed back from the tomb to tell his eleven disciples—and everyone else—what had happened."  (Luke 24:9)  ,On this Easter morning, let’s allow ourselves to feel the excitement and wonder of the resurrection.  Let's not forget, but instead remember: 
  • Let's remember the cross and the love of our Savior how endured so much so we could live.
  • Let's remember the promises God has made to us.
  • Let's remember to share what God has done for us with others.  


  1. I too was up early:-). I was going through my journal this morning when I read an entry from December 30, 2012. I wrote, "During quiet time I felt God say,'I will make a path for you'" The struggle I had then, I still have now. I wondered where this path was God had promised me. Then, I went back to an entry I made on December 6, 2012: "The path of life which brings joy is being in God's presence". It's from Deut. 16:11. Soooooo, the path God made for me was to bring me into His presence to experience His joy. Had I not been going through this struggle, I would not have been seeking His presence. God loves me so much that He would rather have a closer relationship with me than just fix what I wanted fixed. #experiencingjoy

    1. Didn't mean to reply anonymous. The above is from Kristi.

    2. Kristi, that is so rich in truth. Thanks for sharing. I wish we were prone to know the joy of Gods presence without trials, but it doesnt always happen that way does it? Sistahs always.....


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